Sunday, March 25, 2012


Normally, I won’t post much of anything grossly negative here.  This issue rather upset me in a hurry.  I saw this post on WhiteBlaze recently.

User: BetsiViTorrance California     Posted: 03/24/12

I need a trail angel desperately. My boyfriend, Anthony, is hiking the trail right now with his Rhodesian ridgeback dog, Rosie. And I get the pleasure of being his support from the home front. Both Anthony and Rosie are really strong hikers; they usually hike about 20 miles a day. However, this past week they had a number of days in a row that were really long and hard, and they hike more like 25-30 miles a day. Rosie got worn out and a little beat up, and she really needs some rest, but Anthony can't afford to take a week off, or even a few days really. The strain of having to urge Rosie along, and practically carry her is really exhausting Anthony both mentally and physically, to the point that he is debating giving up his dream of finishing this hike to come home so that Rosie can rest and recover. I really don't want Anthony to have to end his hike at only 800 miles in, and I want Rosie to get the rest she needs. Does anyone know a trail angel, somewhere near mid Shenandoah, who would be willing to take Rosie for a few days, or a week maybe, for a little bit of money? We don't have much, and we certainly don't have the $300 that we already paid to have Rosie boarded for 4 days while he went through the Smoky Mountains National Park. But we could pay around 50-100 dollars. I know this is a tall order that is why I need a true angel, who also happens to be a dog lover, and who wants to see this man not have to give up on his dream. I would appreciate any responses, suggestions, people you know, or very affordable pet boarding in the area. Thanks so much.


  1. Ugh ... SO much I could say about this but none of it nice. Words like "selfish" and "idiot" come to mind, among others. I don't know what your response was on the forums, but I'd venture to guess I'd be nodding my head.

  2. I was somewhat polite in my paragraph response (I kept it to a minimum). I made it very clear how irresponsible and wrong their actions were ALONG with their thought process.

    I didn't know if I was to be slammed for my remarks as I was the first. MANY voiced their concerns following me though which most weren't so polite.

    The dog WAS picked up by an animal lover, to board free for one week. However the plan was to give the dog back to the owner following 7 days. The problem NOW is the dog gets a little rest to rejoin it's owner at that grueling pace which stated will NOT slow.

    Anyone with any decency and clarity of thought can't help to be concerned about the dog's future health.