Cottage Backpacking Gear Companies

Cottage Backpacking Gear Companies
Alphabetically Arraigned / Updated Last: 06/27/12

2QZQ Hammock Specialties -- hammock modifications and accessories.

AntiGravityGear – Lightweight shelters, cook systems, accessories and more.

Arrowhead Equipment - Mostly hammock related gear and underquilts
Bear Paw Wilderness Designs – Lightweight shelters and accessories.

Big Sky International – Ultralight freestanding shelters.

Black Rock Gear – Ultralight down hats, vests, gloves and apparel.

Brasslite Backpacking Stoves – Lightweight alcohol stoves.

Bushbuddy – Ultralight wood burning stoves.

Butt in a Sling – hammocks and accessories.

Dirty Girl Gaiters – Colorful lightweight gaiters.

DIY Gear Supply – Materials and fabrics for building your own lightweight gear.

Elemental Horizons – Lightweight backpacks and accessories.

End2End Supply – stoves and accessories.

Enlightened Equipment – Ultralight sleeping quilts.

Equinox LTD – Ultralight packs, shelters, accessories and more.

Etowah Outfitters misc gear

Feathered Friends – Ultralight down sleeping bags and clothing.
Four Dog Stoves – Ultralight multi-fuel stoves and cookware.

Gossamer Gear – Ultralight backpacks, shelters, sleep systems & more.

Goosefeet Gear – Down booties and apparel.

Hammock Gear – Lightweight hammock tarps, quilts and accessories.

Hawk Vittles food food

Hennessy Hammock – Lightweight hammock shelters.

Hyperlight Mountain Gear – Ultralight cuben fiber backpacks, shelters and accessories.

Integral Designs – Lightweight shelters, bivys and accessories.

Jacks R Better – Ultralight sleeping quilts, shelters and accessories.

Katabatic Gear – Ultralight sleeping quits and bivys.

kifaru survival oriented gear line

Lawson Outdoor Equipment – Lightweight shelter kits, fabrics and accessories.

LightHeart Gear – Ultralight double-wall shelters, fabrics and accessories.

Luke’s Ultralite – Lightweight gear, apparel, cuben items and accessories.


LW Gear – Lightweight backpacks, DVDs, books and videos. 

McHale Alpine Packs – Custom fitted ultralight backpacks.

MiniBull Design – alcohol stoves and accessories.

Moonbow Gear – Modular pack systems, shelters and other unique gear.

Nunatak – Ultralight sleeping quilts and down apparel.

Mountain Laurel Designs – Ultralight backpacks, shelters, sleep systems and more.

Outdoor Equipment Supplier LLC – Lightweight tarps, shelters and accessories.

Outdoor Herbivore – food.

Outdoor Trail Gear dutch clips, hammock accessories and cottage industry coop

Oware – Ultralight shelters, sleep systems and accessories.

The Packa – poncho/pack cover combination

Packafeather – Lightweight alcohol stoves and accessories.

Pack it gourmet food food

Purcell Trench – Lightweight fire grilles and accessories.

QiWiz U.L. Wood Burning Stoves, saws and trowels

Ray Jardine – The godfather of UL backpacking’s books and sew-your-own gear kits.

RBH Designs barrier clothing

Ruta Locura – Trekking poles, tent poles, cookware and accessories.

Seekoutside tipis

Simblissity – Lightweight gaiters, storage sacks and accessories.

Six Moon Designs – Ultralight backpacks, shelters and accessories.

Slinglight Camp chairs

Solo Stove – Lightweight wood-burning stoves.

Stephenson’s - general gear outfitter, vapor barrier clothing and sleeping bags

Suluk 46 – Ultralight backpacking tools and accessories.


The Super Cat Alcohol Stove

Tarptent – The original ightweight single-wall shelters (and now double wall shelters)

Tewa Hammock Underquilts

Titanium Goat – Lightweight conical shelters, cook systems and more.

Trail Designs – Lightweight stoves, cookware and accessories.

Tato Wood Stoves – stoves.

Ultralight Adventure Equipment –lightweight backpacks.

Underground Quilts – Lightweight quilts.

Warbonnet Outdoors – Lightweight hammock tarps, quilts and accessories.

Western Mountaineering – Ultralight down sleeping bags and apparel.

White Box Stoves – Ultralight alcohol stoves.

Whoopie Slings – hammock suspensions and accessories.

Wilderness Logics Ultralight hammock gear.

Wintergreen Northern Wear cold weather clothing

Yama Mountain Gear – Lightweight tarps, shelters and accessories.

Zelph Stoves - ultralight wood and alcohol stoves.

Zen and the Art of Alcohol Stoves

ZimmerBuilt - Custom made Ultralight Backpacks

ZPacks – Ultralight cuben fiber shelters, backpacks and accessories.


  1. Thanks for the link listings

  2. I've always wanted a hammock like this! It would be great for camping trips with my bf when he comes to visit me here in Utah, and also nice for hanging out in Memory Grove park when it's just me! etc

  3. Was wondering if you could add Out Gear Recreation to this cottage gear manufacturer list? They make high end hammocks for backpacking any other adventure.

  4. High Route Gear should be added to this list :D

  5. Appalachian Utralight packs Deserves a mention to


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