ExRx.net - Exercise!

ExRx.net – Exercise!

ExRx.net (Exercise Prescription on the Net) is a free resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast featuring comprehensive exercise libraries (>1400 exercises), fitness assessment calculators, and reference articles.

This site is by far the most comprehensive online resource for exercise fitness I have seen.  It’s libraries of information is utterly mind-boggling.  Vast topics with in-depth coverage include:

Exercise instructions (gifs here taken from the site)
Weight training
Aerobic Conditioning
Fitness testing
Weight Management
Diet and Nutrition
Fitness Calculators
And a whole lot more!

Why this might help you and I alone?
Take a few minutes and read around that site, it’s packed with useful information to learn what you need to get in better physical condition with modern information and correct form exercises.

Why this might help you OR aide you in helping others?
A person could easily teach or show another person a vast amount of information geared towards physical improvements using the site.  This person wouldn’t have to be WITH you personally, nor charge you $50 to $100+ an hour for the education.  With all the data and descriptive methods given, one could easily “train” another person or offer great advice from hundreds or miles away or even countries away via the Internet with NO face-to-face interactions at all.


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